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Liquidity provisioning through Zero Knowledge

Generate free yield while deploying your trading strategies with total privacy

Generate volume

By participating in Volume Pools, market makers or individual traders can earn rewards for their contributions to the protocol's overall liquidity and market depth.


zkMakers zero knowledge circuits are designed to be venue agnostic. We are now connected to x3 different chain AMMs and x3 different CLOBs or Centralized Limit Order Books

Bring Liquidity

Enhanced liquidity is particularly crucial for projects and exchanges within the ecosystem

Real Yield

By certifying your trading activity you will be able to claim the rewards for each pool

Integrated Exchanages:

Token Utilities

Lock ZKM to gain voting power over zkMakers destiny through veZKM.

With veZKM you will be able to vote on your boost your preferred pools, become a Verfier or Auditor. You will be rewaded with ZKM subsides and protocol Fees!

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    Gauge and Bribing model
    Incentivizing voting systems on boosting different reward pools by briebing the voters with Rewards

  • Flow Library 404 Asset 3

    Securing the Verifiers
    The network relies on a network of Versifiers to validate trading data provided by users and to calculate rewards for market makers.

  • Flow Ninja Asset For 404 1

    Through DAO governance, veZKM token holders can propose and vote on changes to the protocol, such as changes to the rewards system or modifications to the governance structure.

Permissionless Web3 Protocol

Open to anyone

What is zkMakers' primary function in the crypto ecosystem?

zkMakers empowers token issuers to drive trading volume and liquidity to their preferred platforms using a decentralized, permissionless protocol and zero-knowledge technology.

How does zkMakers benefit traders and token issuers?

Traders can earn rewards, support projects, and contribute value to the crypto ecosystem, while token issuers effectively boost their token's trading activity, liquidity, and overall project value.

How does zkMakers ensure privacy and security for users?

By leveraging zero-knowledge technology, zkMakers can verify trading activity and volume without exposing sensitive personal or financial data, ensuring a secure and privacy-centric experience.

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How we do that?

Technological stack that preserve your privacy
The Zero Knowledge
Confidential, secure data with cryptographic proof.

The Protocol

Decentralized, trustless architecture for seamless interaction.


Token Issuers, Exchanges or any other party can open reward pools to incentivize their markets

Unlocking the Full potential

Check who can benefit from using our solutions
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Exchanges can get new user base and attract trading volume
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Listed Token

How zkMakers' Volume and Liquidity Solutions benefit Projects on CEX and DEX
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How zkMakers Empowers Communities with Unrivaled perks
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Market Makers

How zkMakers Empowers Market Makers with Unparalleled benefits and Eliminates the Need for Wash Trading
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